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Birthdate:Nov 15
Location:Arizona, United States of America
Website:Hunter's Edge, home of Oracle of Cybertron
A would-be artist and writer who's currently working on running a post Beast Machines RPG that's older then most transfomer rpgs in terms of the inherited name and reputation.
I've decided to use this journal as a way to spread information on the details of that rpg as well as encourage myself to write again.

I also play Shattered Glass Sinnertwin over at

Character Name: Sinnertwin
Generation: Shattered Glass
Affiliation: Decepticons
Alignment: Good


Reflex: 6
Strength: 5
Stamina: 7
Speed(s): 4 mech / 6 twin dragons

Weapons and special abilities: Sinnertwin is equipped with a pyrotechnics launcher retrofitted for combat capabilities. In addition, his beast mode allows for multiple vantage points in terms of scouting. His previous puppertry work has also allowed him to develop a master's craft of mimicry when it comes to voices.
He combines with the other Terrorcons to form Abominus.
Personality: Before Optimus Prime started his war of conquest, Sinnertwin was Cybertron's most well-known and talented puppeteer. His puppet shows were popular with beings from planets all over the galaxy ranging from little protoforms all the way to royalty. He now fights as a part of Megatron's quest for peace, in the hopes that he and his puppets can someday entertain the masses once again.
He sometimes has a tendency to vent his frustrations using a mini Optimus hand puppet he's fashioned. No one is quite sure where he got the cloth or why he's named it "Mr. Hat"... though most have guessed it was a result of his position of handing communications from the earth-bound 'cons.
Whatever the case, his antics have proven entertaining to enemies and friends alike... and that's just how he likes it.

Description: Sinnertwin resembles his g1 self design-wise while also taking on the color scheme of his technobot counterpart Afterburner. He transforms into a two-headed dragon bssed off of a species from Algaea. This alt mode was suggested by Hungurr after his own alt-mode reformatting due to the planet's trickster myths associated with the animal.

( ooc: I was inspired to take this character on due to the quotes over at the TF Wiki under his profile name.
I hope I do well, one of the other players suggested I join up here after noting my post-bm rpg has a similar theme. :) And I hope I bridged some of the ideas well as well. )

Interests (8):

cool world, drawing, gaming, roleplaying, strange forces, strange matter, twilight (ima casual fan dang it :o its , writing
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